How to Get A Job In Online Education

teaching opportunities onlineAs an educator, finding teaching opportunities online can be a daunting task. Here, you can find the most current information about how to find  jobs in online education.

Make sure you take a look at all the resources we have provided at Whether you are looking for administration jobs in education or want to find employment as an instructor or professor, we can help you find open positions online.

After all, knowing exactly where to find job openings is the first step in your job search. We are committed not only to helping you locate the most current information about open positions, but also help with other aspects of writing a resume, creating a teaching portfolio, making a job application, interviewing, and negotiating salary and benefits.


How Technology Changed Educationteaching by radio

Distance education as an alternative to traditional classroom instruction gained popularity in the 20th century through correspondence courses. Then, modern technology changed education with the use of radio as an instructional tool, even though it was ineffective.

By the late 1940s, television as an instructional tool was in use by a handful of colleges and universities. Interestingly, only small differences in student achievement were found between televised instruction and traditional education settings.

Then, the National Educational Television Network (NET) partnered with several television stations in the 1960s to begin programming  and scheduling of educational programs. This signaled the beginning of a long-term institutional commitment to televised education.

Over the years, distance learning acquired respectability as an effective teaching tool, which was critical groundwork for today’s wide variety of educational opportunities via televised broadcasts, closed circuit tv, and every available internet-based medium. Nowadays, most colleges and universities offer some form of distance learning, primarily through the internet, cable tv, or web.


One would expect therefore, that teaching opportunities online are plentiful. Yet, with decreasing tax revenues and ever expanding education budgets, employment opportunities in education are not as plentiful as in the recent past.

How To Find An Online Education Job

Performing a teacher job search online can be frustrating. Merely emailing resumes and portfolios to college and university personnel departments is not enough to get an online education job. And, most online teaching opportunities will not typically be found at traditional colleges and universities.

Rather, most online education job prospects appear to be found at non-traditional universities where most, if not all curriculum is provided via electronic means.

Anyone that has gone through college knows that it takes a lot of work and dedication in order to graduate. Whether you are a new graduate or have been out of school for some time, you ought to have a great portfolio and you should have some unique qualities that would make you particularly attractive to a prospective education employer.

Naturally, the next step would be to get hired, yet how do you really do that? Most college or university hiring committees have a set of standards by which they judge the quality of an applicant, so what should you be thinking about as you look for an online teaching job?

At the outset, you need to have specialized knowlege in a recognized field of inquiry. Most often, having earned a master’s degree is the very minimum you need to even be considered for a college teaching job. College hiring committees almost always prefer that you have earned your PhD or are a PhD candidate, but there are exceptions.

In the event you have very specialized knowledge about a particular subject, then you may be hired to teach online without having an advanced degree. This is especially the case for technical fields. However, you must provide ample proof that you really are an expert in your field of study.

But make no mistake, you really ought to have earned an advanced degree before you apply to teach college level courses online. Most people lack the kind of specialized experience that would make them eligible to teach college level courses without a master’s or doctorate.

Having said all that, we are here to help you connect with teaching opportunities online. We hope to assist you in your teacher job search so that you can find jobs in online education!

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